Hi there,
I'm so glad you've found my business. I believe that everything happens for a reason. 
I've recently launched this business, under the most trying times. Amidst a full lockdown of the country, my ex partner withheld my children from me. I was lost and missed my children. I turned to my work to find solace.
I'm a Web Designer and am rather creative, you'll see the artwork behind the Affirmation Cards & Prints, these are my creations. 
I had wanted to create Affirmation Cards for Women in Business, however, the Universe had another plan for me.
I have since created a set of 31 Affirmation cards for Women of all ages, that resonated with me at times when I came across them.
They are designed to inspire, affirm and empower women and offer a glimpse of hope.
Some of the quotes were created by my mum; my rock, my best friend, my confidante & my cheerleader. 
Share them with your friends, your mum, sisters, aunties & family. Re-ignite that spark 
All my love
Natalie xox
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