How it all started

Hey there, 

I am so glad you came across my business. 

For a long time, I had wanted to create an affirmation card deck to inspire women in business. The thought sat dormant in the back of my mind for years, until the Universe stepped in. 

I could never have imagined what was about to unfold. After enduring a nasty break up with my children's father, I found an inner strength that literally propelled me into compiling what is now the 31 Card Deck of Empowering Quotes & Affirmation for Women. 

These quotes came across my path at times in my life that prompted me to take note, it was the Universe putting me back into my energy and on the right path.









I have sourced and created the Timber Keepsake boxes that the cards come in with you in mind. Keep your treasures & trinkets inside along with the Crystal Gemstone Bracelet that has been chosen for it's unique qualities. No two women are the same, which Is why I offer the Gift Set with varying gemstone bracelets. 

I hope you find the hope, love and encouragement that these cards have given me and I hope that they lift you up, empower you and help you to remember who you are and what you can achieve. 

Wishing you so much love and light

Natalie xox


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